76ers on the Rise: Draft provides Hope

What a time to be alive, right? Well, not exactly if you’re a 76ers fan but I guess when you’re at the bottom the only way is up. With Sam Hinkie stepping down and Bryan Colangelo becoming the new general manager and president of basketball operations, you can bet that there will be a lot of changes in Philadelphia. After three straight downright awful seasons, including an NBA worst 10-72 year in 2015-2016, I think we can all agree it’s time to get moving on the right path. Sam Hinkie had a thoughtful and risky game plan and it is probably too early to judge if it was effective or not. Either way, the 76ers have to start winning basketball games. Plain and simple. That’s enough with the bad though, let’s focus on the good. The good news is that the draft is coming up in June and IF the 76ers get lucky in the lottery, we could land some extremely valuable picks in the first round. So with that being said, the 76ers are looking at a possible four first round picks this year. They either get their own pick or the Sacramento Kings’ pick (whichever one is better), the Los Angeles Lakers’ pick (unless it falls in the top 3), the Miami Heat’s pick (unless it falls in the top 10 and it can be swapped with Golden State if their pick is better), and the Oklahoma City Thunder’s pick (unless it falls in the top 15 and it can also be swapped with Golden State if their pick is better). I know what you’re thinking, that’s quite a bit of conditions. Not to worry, it should work out in the 76ers favor, even if that means losing a pick. In an absolutely loaded draft like this, having the potential for the No. 1 overall and another pick that can be as high as No. 4 overall is pretty darn good. Let’s be hypothetical and say the 76ers get the first pick. There are really only two possible selections: Ben Simmons out of LSU or Brandon Ingram out of Duke. Both players possess unreal athleticism and the ability to score from anywhere on the court. Simmons is even considered to be the next Lebron James. I think it’s a little early for that kind of comparison but I would love to see either of them in a 76er uniform this winter. On top of that, Joel Embiid seems to finally be able put enough pressure on his foot to see the court again and Dario Saric should be coming over from Europe for the 2017-2018 season. Combine all that with the 76ers having upwards of $60 million worth of free cap space just begging to be used in free agency and things could turn around real fast in Philadelphia.



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